The Crew ...

Kirsty (I'm Here) Mitchell - Lead Vocals

I have been singing in bands for the last 12 years, pretty much every weekend. 

I love the interaction between live bands and audiences,  being the singer always helps me to bring a positive reaction  out of the most hardened music fan, and now there are four backing singers as well they  don't stand a chance.

My main loves are good old Rock 'n' Roll, Rock-a-Billy and pretty much all of the 60's & 70's musical styles, but I can be tempted to branch into the latest chart hits if the song suits.

My previous band "That'll be the day" allowed me to be the Rock 'n' Roll chick and sing all those great oldies, but now it's time for a change and wow what a change!

WildCard is amazing, great musicians, excellent selection of music, which does push me to my limits, but hey that's what music is all about.

Can't wait to get my teeth into 2020 and will hopefully see you at a venue soon.

Ray (The Boss) Heavens - Guitar & Vocals 

I've been playing guitar for various bands Outline 60, Blurred Vision & Wired to name a few for over 36 yrs covering many genres of music. I've played some amazing gigs over the years including touring in Germany and France.

I retired from music a few years ago, due to life getting in the way, but now I've got the bug again, 'once a musician always a musician' and have now had the chance to start my own band, bringing these very talented people together to bring some quality Rock, Funk and Soul back to the music lovers of Devon.

Most people recognise me for playing my beautiful blue Manson Stratocaster, but she's now retired and I'm touting a brand new ESP Les Paul with Kaller Trem so ear plugs in people, she's a beast.

Hope to see all the regular faces and some new ones, at a local music venue near you.

Mike (Smack those Tubs) Bailey - Drums & Vocals

I've had long and varied career, working with Mercury records for a short time in the 1980s as a session drummer during the New Wave period. 

I've also played for several years with an original blues band 'Trouble House', and rock band 'Mudmunkey' supporting top  bands such as 'The Hot Rods', 'Dr Feelgood', and 'Wilko Johnson'. 

After some years out of the music business, I've recently picked up my sticks again and planted myself firmly back in the drum seat, as part of the driving force behind 'Wildcard'. .

Hope to see some rocking' in the audience soon!!

Iain (Slap that thing) Whitmore - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Hi I'm a bassist, singer and songwriter and still a member of folk rock band 'Starry Eyed and Laughing', who have recorded two critically acclaimed albums for CBS in the mid 70s. They have recently released a live DVD and also have a brand new album in the works.

In the early eighties I was also a member of 'Violinski', an ELO offshoot, with whom I recorded their second album. I've played with various bands, including my own, throughout my career and have done a great deal of session work, both singing and playing.

In 1990 I became resident bass player/singer/actor for Chickenshed, an inclusive theatre company, where I was a Professional musician until 2017. Upon leaving Chickenshed and moving from London to the South West, I have set about finding new people to play with, and am very happy to have found this great new band "Wild Card" it'll be great to see what the music scene in the South West has to offer and meet some of the live music lovers around the area.

Cliff (Fingers) Turner Keys, Guitar & Vocals

My musical career started when I was 14, playing Drums in my fathers band.

I went on to learn Piano, Guitar and Bass Guitar and carried on my passion for music playing from  1960 - 2014 (54 years ouch!) in several bands, The Cliff Turner Quartet, Les Bonamis, The J4 Set, Spectre, Solid Gold, Maru, and Broadband to name a few. 

I had stepped out of the mainstream gigging band scene, until I joined WildCard and am now being pushed to my limits learning some great classic music and playing with some very professional band mates. 

( can't teach an old  dog new tricks!! yes you can! )

Can't wait to meet all the muso's and WildCard fans at a venue near you soon.


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